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It Takes More Than Talent

Executing on race day takes years of experience. And even then, nothing is ever guaranteed.


Understanding Your Personality Type can Improve Your Running

Optimizing your training plan is about more than just calculating mileage and planning out routes.


Natural Energy Alternatives to Enhance Performance

Mushrooms, matcha and some adaptogens you’ve never heard of might be your unknown coffee alternative.


The Running Experience

Running is a break you down, get tough, be brave journey and choosing our suffering is a privilege.


Fat Type May be the Answer to Your Lack of Motivation to Exercise

Research offers insight into the role that fat consumption may have on dopamine, and on your motivation as a result


The Essence of Environment

It's not about lack of willpower, it's also about what the environmental and social surroundings dictate.


Step Aside Excuses

To be sure, wherever you start, it will be hard at some point. But simply start with showing up every day and recognizing something is better than nothing.


Pilates: The Core Building Choice

Pilates as an ideal solution for core strengthening and developing injury resiliency in running.


Running older, running better: Miles add up to more resilient women

Evaluating a recent study that looks at the explanation behind the influx of success in post 30 female athletes.


The Mental Cost of Changing Your Stride

If you really want to alter your gait, it’s going to take work—but a new study shows it eventually gets better.


The Quest for Writing Economy

When do you go from a word count to making words count?


When Running Gets Tough

How you feel now has no business telling you that you can’t finish what you started.


This Bra Holds More Than I Bargained For

The sagging, curled straps have seen better days, but that’s because they hold a lot of life’s best days.

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This is Your Courageous Brain Calling

The narrative that plays out for most of us is the “you can’t do it reel.”