Are you ready for a Lifestyle Re(in)novation?

I’m in the business of helping you change your mind(set) and get to
the root of why you can’t, haven’t or struggle.


the time is now.


Move + Motivate

Empowering through movement: finding the movement modality that brings you the most joy and how to keep showing up to see the benefits.


Fuel + Fill

The food and nutrition aspect of health and wellbeing: how to use food as fuel to fill you up and nourish your body in a sustainable way.


Mindset + Mastery

Address the mindset you have over your health and master what it looks like to manifest one on growth, challenging the beliefs you have of yourself and the hurdles you erect.

A personalized way to shift your health and
wellbeing through mindset

It’s not your lack of willpower or self control, it’s the mindset behind it. Learn how to apply actionable steps, through mindset driven methods, to help you feel energized, and achieve sustainable lifestyle changes.


a body of work.

The conversation starts with education and action. It’s about doing more than talking about it and instead showing up consistently to do something about it. I write about movement and a healthy lifestyle, help you in creating yours, and teach the elemental parts of a renovating your life through movement, mindset and nutrition.


this is Laura.

With education in psychology, holistic nutrition and clinical Pilates, my own research and experiences have helped me understand the role of mindset and brain behaviour in actions, habits, change and overcoming hurdles. I have worked with clients to improve their nutrition, to facilitate movement, and to help them follow a path towards becoming the healthiest version of themselves.

But they didn’t always get there. And I became increasingly frustrated and disheartened by the people I was seeing fail to reach their goals, or end up in a cyclical pattern that didn’t progress them forward. “There is something missing,” I concluded.

Introducing mindset.